Hello, I am…

Well it has been another great day here in Toronto.  I met my mentor who till now had just been a voice on the end of the phone, and then spent several hours writing my ethics form for my soon to be started research project.  Then this evening I went off to the Raindance Booze & Schmooze networking event.

I have always been pretty good at networking and at conferences and work events would favour sitting with people who I didn’t already know as it seemed like a good opportunity to get to know someone new where maybe there would be a collaboration or a connection.

Going to the networking event tonight I knew that I was going to know practically no one in the room.  It was kind of liberating to think “well I know no one so if I am going to have conversations there is nothing to do but walk up to someone and introduce yourself”.  I can chat pretty much about anything with anyone.  If it something I know nothing about or don’t understand then I can ask questions.  That, for sure, is a pleasant way to spend the evening in a city where you don’t know many people, but obviously much of the point of such events is to find out what others are doing and maybe make a useful connection for the future.

To start off I wasn’t sure how I would describe myself.  Am I transitioning to become a documentary filmmaker? Am I student?  Am I a filmmaker? With first couple of people I spoke to I danced around the subject a little explaining my current circumstance.  But then one guy, Mark, asked me about a project that I am currently working on.  I could legitimately explain what my short film will be, the concept behind it and why I am making particular choices.  Suddenly I didn’t feel uncertain or that I was faking it till I make, I felt authentic and legitimate.  I am documentary filmmaker.  It feels good to say.


2 thoughts on “Hello, I am…

  1. What a lovely post! You seem to have the right attitude when it comes to networking and I am sure you will make great pitches in the future! It’s also great to hear you already see yourself as a documentary filmmaker.

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