Time to start practicing

So, I watched this video this morning by D4Darious :


It kind of resonates well with what I have been worrying about a bit.  It is now nearly a couple of months ago I made my first video.  I knew it was nothing to write home about but I was super pleased to have done it because I set up the lights, camera, sound recorder etc., plan the interview everything that goes into the actual making on the film.

Since then, I have taken some more practical courses mainly from LIFT in lighting, sound, editing, interviewing, shooting with dSLR, editing etc.  all the things that I had done in making my first short film.  It all makes sense, and other than editing, now a little less daunting.  However, most of these courses were when I was also doing my research module, a super busy time, and since then I have jumped into my next module with lots of reading and film watching.  The reading and the film watching is really important to me, I think that to feel legitimate in what I am doing when I start working with academics I need a good theatrical grounding.  However, I am not practicing the practical skills which I will need when I come to make my film.  In my next module, I will begin to practice filming a scene in three different ways to identify how to compelling tell a story that resonates with the audience. Obviously I will be getting hands on experience then, but I want to feel confident with the basics so that I can think about other stuff.

I know from my photo-a-day challenge, now at day 1698 (what! When did that happen?) that practice, practice makes perfect.  With this challenge, I have developed my artistic eye, learnt about composition, found something interesting in what could be mundane etc. and many of these skills are transferrable to video.  But I need to start doing it regularly.  I also need to feel confident with the other aspects: sound, lighting etc.

So, starting today, in addition to my module plans, I will be getting that hands-on-experience.  I am not going to follow D4Darious’s plan exactly as some things I am already familiar with or not relevant to documentary film making , but will incorporate:

  • Framing and composition in video
  • 3-point lighting
  • Window lighting
  • Lighting with practicals
  • Camera settings: depth of field, ISO, shutter speed
  • Temperature for light
  • Camera angles and shots
  • Sound recording
  • Familiarity and comfort with my tripod
  • Micro interviews with friend incorporating all the above: your day, an influential person, proudest moment, etc., etc. (maybe when I get to this point it won’t be every day!)

Wish me luck!


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